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Mobile Strategy Trading Card Game
Pre-registration Open!
Kingdom Hunter is an excellent combination of the Strategy and TCG genres!
Level up and unlock unique skills and collect powerful Heroes on the blockchain while competing with other players on your way to the top!
Play and Earn!
Special rewards will be given to players that participate
in the Kingdom Hunter Pre-registration, so sign up and reserve your spot today!
Kingdom Hunter
Complete the Pre-registration and receive the rewards listed below!
$100 USD worth of in-game items and 1,000 Runestones that can be traded in for our new in-game token, Lord Coins!
  • Runestones X1000
  • 4 Star Heroes Recruitment TicketX1
  • Premium Hero Recruitment TicketX5
  • Normal Hero Scout TicketX5
  • Premium Kingdom Transfer TicketX2
  • AP Recovery Potion (+100)
  • [Common] Time Acceleration
    (1 hour)X10
  • Food Increase (100k) X5
  • Gold Increase (100k)X5
  • March Acceleration (25%)X5
Specific Info
* Must input correct information to receive the Preregistration rewards.
* The gameplay may be under age restriction depending on your region.
Pre-register via Google Play or the App Store and receive additional rewards!
Event Package : 100 Gems + 3Star Hero Recruitment Ticket x1
Invite Friend Event
Invite your friends to
the Kingdom Hunter Pre-registration event
and receive a reward of “Lord Coins”,
equal to the “# of friends invited x 0.5”
Can only invite 1 friend?
Just invite them and be rewarded with awesome Lord Coins!
Don't forget! The more friends you invite, the more Load Coins you get!!
How to Participate in the Invite Friends Event
Step 1 : Input the phone number used for the Pre-registration
Step 2 : Select the “Invite Friends & Invitation Status” button
Step 3 : Copy the Friend Invitation link and share it with your friends to join!
Specific Info
Copy and share the “My Invitation” link with your friends!
Friends Invitation Status
If you select the 'Invite Friends & Invitation Status' button
after input the phone number used for the Pre-registration,
You can check the updated invitation status.
# of Friends invited
that have joined the game
# of Friends Invitation
Completed Successfully
Will be announcedafter the official game launch!
Event Rewards
  • You will receive "Lord Coins" equal to the "# of friends invited x 0.5" as an event reward.
  • After the official Kingdom Hunter launch, all qualified players will receive the Lord Coins via the in-game WEMIX Wallet.
    Be sure to log into the game after the official launch.
    Click “WEMIX WALLET APP DOWNLOAD - Google play / App Store” for a headstart!
  • Registration Process Steps : The invited friends via the "Friends Invitation Link" must pre-register
    (After the game launch) register the Reward Coupon Friend Invitation Complete!
    (The total count of completed invitations will be updated after the official game launch)
    Pre-register via the
    "Friends Invitation Link"
    After the official
    game launch, register
    the Reward Coupon
  • Players using any illicit methods during the event period will be disqualified from the event.
  • Event rewards cannot be received in duplicate.
  • The event details are subject to change and updates will be announced on the official event page.
Lord Coin X Airdrop Event
Coming Soon!
All Airdrop Event participants will receive Lord Coins,
so sign up for Pre-registration and receive further infomation regarding the Airdrop event!

Lord Coin

A new digital asset, which can be exchanged with ingame currency (Runestone) to trade via WEMIX Wallet app


A currency used by the gods, Runestones, can be acquired via ingame activities such as Collection, Daily Quests, etc.
Runestones are vital to the building of your Kingdom and Heroes.
Exchange your Runestones with Lord Coins via the Ingame Exchange Post.

Kingdom Hunter
Play and Earn Process

Kingdom Hunter
Lord Coin
Wemix Credit
Wemix Credit

Game Contents

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